素材に使用している木は、南方系の白木で学名「アルビジア ファルカタ」。日本では 「南洋桐」ともいわれます。柔らかくて軽く加工しやすいのが特徴で、桐ダンスの引き出し部や包装材などに多く使用されています。大変成長が早い木で、伐採による森林破壊を起こさないだけでなく、痩せた土地も肥沃にすることから、熱帯地方各地で多く植樹されています。

We use non-composite natural wood to make all of our products.
The tree that we use called 'Albizia'.This tree is one of the quickest growing tropical trees.
It is thought that these trees are more sustainable than others.
Because of their rapid growth. They also help to combat deforestation.
Our company has started to plant these trees as a way to repay the earth - in a small way - for its bounty.


  • 型を取る。
  • 粗けずりののち、手作業でやすりかけ。
  • できあがり!


Our products are all hand-made by our workshop's artisans in Bali.
At first, they cut a rough form of the animals on solid wooden boards. Then these are dried in an oven for a long time. After that, these are finished by hand, polished with sandpaper and all hand-painted.
It is very difficult work that only an artisan with excellent technique can finish.
That's the reason why all of our animals have unique facial expressions.
Please enjoy our heart-warming animals, after all, the one that you hold in your hand is the only one in the world quite like it.

  • 使い込んだ味のある道具類。pahat、 pengotok、 serut  インドネシアバリ島での呼び名。この数種の道具から、全てのぽれぽれ達が生み出されます。
  • ぽれぽれの温もりは手の温もり。手から手へ、ぽれぽれを通して伝わる思いがあります。

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